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For more than 50 years, Southside has been helping people just like you discover a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ that leads to greater meaning and direction in life.

Join us Sunday. There is a place for you and your family.

What's Happening at Southside.

Summer Salads

Have you heard the news? The Southside Women's Ministries Summer Salad Series is coming!!

We are so excited about the SWM Summer Salad Series for 2022! It begins at 6:00 pm Wednesday, July 13th, July 20th, and July 27th. Join us as we enjoy three inspirational speakers, a delicious summer dinner, and laugh and connect with each other.

Get started on your journey.


Join us Sunday there is a place for you and your family.


Watch recent sermons, learn about our events and life groups.


Connect with others just like you. 


We can't wait to welcome you! Join us this Sunday.

Connect with others like you. 


Whether your child is in preschool or will soon be a teenager, we want to partner alongside you and your family.


Connect with others. Meet new people, learn and grow spiritually and serve together. 


Do you ever feel the need for Christian fellowship with other men beyond the Sunday morning Worship Service and/or Sunday School?  Do  you simply have a desire to learn more about the Bible and God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ? Join us as we fellowship and learn together.


At SWM, we teach each other through a shared journey toward Christ that we are not alone and that life’s ultimate goal is building a deeper relationship with Jesus, as well as each other.   


Hey Students! I'm so glad you stopped by! You know the road through teenagedom may be bumpy, but it doesn't have to be lonely. Join us!


Hey Kids! We look forward to getting you connected here at Southside! Our goal is to partner with parents to develop kids’ faith.


The Friends Ministry exists to transform lives by creating spaces where individuals with intellectual and developmental differences, their families, and volunteers can belong, contribute and celebrate their God-given gifts


Capernaum gives young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities the chance to experience fun and adventure, to develop fulfilling friendships, and to challenge their limits while building self-esteem through club, camp, and other activities

Serve and grow your faith.


Find out what it means to make a difference with Southside UMC and connect to the opportunities available at Southside to live out your purpose and serve others by using your God-given gifts.


Watch recent sermons, learn about our events and life groups.


Personal stories of how Jesus is working in our lives are known as testimonies. Testimonies from others are filled with hope, inspiration, and a great way to get to know God and the power of faith. 


If you ever get to a place in your life where you feel like something is missing, are disconnected from God?Prayer is essential for our individual spiritual growth and encouraging others by praying for their needs.

We are Southside!

Together we are a community of believers. What does that mean, the word community? We believe that together in fellowship we grow closer to God and one another. The bible speaks about iron sharpening iron. We believe that together we grow stronger. We are a community of believers. 


We strive to be a church without walls. Jesus calls for us to go outside the walls to reach the lost and the broken. It is there that the lost will be found. Most churches find it is comfortable to stay within the walls, but we make it an effort to be like the church from the book of Acts, to see our city changed.


We highly value our relationships with one another. We look to grow through fellowship, and ultimately growing closer to God. We value the word of God, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We look to extend grace to all of the lost and broken, and lead those with no hope to the hope of Jesus Christ.

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